We took off ran for our lives

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“My family first encountered the terror of the Fulani Herdsmen in our town, Anyiin, Benue state. One day my parents and I were farming at our farm, and suddenly we heard gunshots and saw some Fulani Herdsmen. We took off ran for our lives.
First, we ran to our Aunty’s house in Logo Local government area. But two weeks later they came there too and started shooting. They killed so many people; it was very scary. So when they entered Logo LGA, we all ran again but this time to Ugba town. They could not enter there because it was guarded by the Nigerian soldiers.
So that was how we escaped the Fulani herdsmen attack. Until today we still haven’t gone back to Anyiin. We heard that the government sent the Inspector General there with some soldiers, but we still didn’t go back.”