About Us

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To create and inspire a new generation of informed, aware and inclusive society.


We are committed to tapping into the most resourceful and inspiring libraries in life, the human library of life experiences, thereby raising awareness and promoting inclusiveness through service, social activism and charity. 


  • To help raise awareness and promote inclusiveness in our communities.
  • To help impact and change the lives of the Orphans, displaced/poor children, and empower Widows and the socioeconomically disadvantaged.
  • To help rehabilitate the victims of natural disasters, religious riots, and sectarian violence.
  • To help develop future community leaders by partnering and recruiting students/youths and NYSC corper-volunteers to join our teams in our community efforts and initiatives.
  • To create Resources Centers for communities thereby establishing a sustainable platform for empowerment, growth and development.

“This is not about politics, sides, or regional identity. This is about the people, this is about the lives, voices and dreams of those who do not have access or voice, those who struggle for the most basic necessities of life (food and water). They too deserve to be seen, they deserve to be heard and they deserve a better tomorrow.”

Peter Ajuzie, Co-founder




(Federal Tax ID: 82-3671882)

Humans of Nigeria with Divine Heritage Orphanage 2018