SS Love

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What is the most treasured thing in life?


Nothing shows that one really cares for another more than the time one devotes to another. Whatever one gives or does for another then becomes the icing on the cake.

This is why we launched the
SS Love i

Every second Saturday of every month, we will visit orphanages across Nigeria with some food items to spend time with the children and also help raise awareness on the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children and their fostering orphanages.

Throughout the year we will be hosting fundraising campaigns for these orphanages and the children in need of any help we can render. 

SS Love is one of the ways Humans of Nigeria is helping raise awareness about the poor and socioeconomically detached, thereby promoting inclusiveness in the country and among its citizens in the Diasporas.




(Federal Tax ID: 82-3671882)

The SS Love Initiative

Orphanage Visits