This taught me the need to open up

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“One of my most significant challenges came after my secondary school. I wrote my JAMB 5 times, and not because I failed the previous times. I was the Post-UME that was giving me problems. I got a university admission after that fifth attempt. Year 1 was a bit rough, and at the end, I had carryover course, which through my own fault, I didn’t address in year 2 to 4. I didn’t tell my parents about this. In year 5, things started going sour for me; I lost my close cousin around the time I was to defend my final project or address the carryover. This loss really weighed me down, so I wasn’t able to present my project, and as a result, I had an extra year. I still haven’t told my parents about that carryover, which I also need additional funds for its project. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to secure the money by myself, so I had another extra year. It was now that I sat myself down and thought about my life and the need to get it together.
So I decided to call my mom and open up to her about my year 1 failings that were really affecting me. I thought she would be livid with me for that, but she wasn’t, she was understanding and brought out money to fund my projects. I was then able to sort my self out and defend my projects.
This experience taught me the need to open up about things you know you can’t do or deal with on your own. There’s nothing wrong with falling short, and who knows, help can come from anywhere.”