To me, it was a great miracle

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“My father lost his job while I was in primary school, and it took time for him to secure another one. While in boarding school, my parents struggled to with my school fees, which was pretty expensive. They didn’t have, and I understood and didn’t blame them for that. But it still bothered me sometimes that I even questioned why they are doing this to me.
It even got to the point where I was asked to leave the school due to not paying school fees. During my SS3, few weeks from my WAEC exam, while I was in the chapel for a morning devotion, my principal called out my name in the crowd and asked me to leave the school.

It was the greatest embarrassment of my life. I cried that day, and I couldn’t even call home because phones were not allowed at the school. I went to one of my teachers and explained everything to her, she allowed me to use her phone to call, and my parents asked me to come home.
Thankfully, they were able to gather what they had and gave me to return. Though it wasn’t enough to cover what was owed, it was sufficient for the school to allow me to continue with my studies. I still owed the school after I finished and got admission into the university, and without clearing your debt in secondary school, you cannot obtain your certificate. That troubled me a lot.
I had nowhere to run to for money to clear my debt and get my certificate. I prayed and asked God for his intervention on my behalf. And as God may have it, when I went to the school to see how I can get my certificate, they had changed the principal and the bursar, who knew me by name and face. When I told the new staff that I came to collect my certificate. They brought out their books, checked, and gave me my certificate with no questions asked. That was a miracle. Others may not see it as such, but to me, it was a great miracle.”