Those experiences have helped mold me

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“I grew up in Wakoko river line area in Lagos. The environment wasn’t that conducive to a child growing up. The older kids around were usually involved in one bad practice or the other. Most times, dad wasn’t really around because he was working with NEPA at that time, so we were left with mom to take care of us.

If not for God I would’ve messed up my life and education. At times I misused the fact that Dad was always away. I remember one day I left for school and turned back midway to school. Unfortunately for me, I met my dad at home and he asked what happened, I lied and told him that I was sent back home because of school fees (hahaha). He later found out the truth and gave me the beating of my life. Sometimes I waited till the day homework is due, and I’d do it on my way to school by just opening it and writing anything anyhow.

I was very stubborn, like very very stubborn (hahaha). To the point that sometimes, my parents reflecting on the past would say that they didn’t believe that I’d become someone like this, or someone that would stay in one place, and not wander around like some vagabond.

If not for God and certain things that happened during my childhood, I wouldn’t have been here. Looking back now at everything, those experiences have helped mold me into a better person. I now think very well before I make some choices to know what I’m doing.”