My other businesses failed so many times in the past

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“I learned how to cut hair from one of the best, his name is classic, he is Ghanaian.
I’m a manual barber, I use razor and comb, I can cut every hairstyle with razor just mention it; layers, punk, skin brush etc ‘that skin brush I mentioned go be like say you do sporting waves’. I’m an international barber, people come to me from everywhere. There are people that I’ve been barbing from childhood and now that they have children, and I also barb their kids. I was also the one barbing former army chief, Ogbemudia. He has his own clipper, but the second time I cut his hair, I used razor and he never went back to clipper again, he even wanted to take me to Abuja when he was leaving Lagos.
My other businesses have failed so many times in the past, but barbing never fails me. There was even a day after my business failed, I prayed and asked God to show me what I will do and I dreamt I was a barber, so barbing is a call from God. Barbing makes me happy.
I work as a security man for the people that plant flowers here, that’s why I decided to set up my mini shop here and I also enjoy the breeze.”