Immediately after she said this prayer

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“While growing up, my mom told me a story of my mysterious birth. As she narrated it, ‘while I was pregnant with you, I was pushed and fell into the gutter lying face down. This happened six months down the pregnancy lane during a quarrel with a relative, and fortunately, by God’s grace, nothing happened to you, as you were still intact in the womb. During the delivery period, there was a little delay due to complications so I was giving some usual drugs called ‘Pitocin’ which usually does it’s work fast by inducing labor, but it didn’t work as usual. So instead of you being born on a Saturday, I lost my strength as I pushed till Sunday morning. Throughout that ordeal, one thing I kept doing was praying fervently saying to God. And immediately after she said this prayer, “if you did this for my mother do this for me also,” Lo and behold you came out’.
All thanks to God for the miracle that I am.”